Asia Collection Co., Ltd.MASAYA

Asia Collection Co., Ltd.MASAYA

Brass - Bronze - Décor - Decoration - Decorative Item - Furniture - Interior - Luxurious - Material

At Masaya, we specialize in brass furniture, all handmade from sculping, to brass casting and polishing. Our designs stem from the simplest things in our everyday lives that we may tend to look over and nature that surrounds us. We develop those objects into furniture that are practical yet, diverse and give a new perspective to which ever object we were inspired from. The fluidity and harmonization of the design and the brass we specialize in, results in a unique and luxurious product that enhances every room or area the product is placed at.

Asia Collection Co., Ltd.
59, 61, 63, 65 Charoenkrung 30, Charoenkrung Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 Thailand

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Material Thai to Japan

Where Thai Materials meet Innovation Where Crafts meet Creative DesignsInitiated by the Department of International Trade Promotion(DITP), Ministry of Commerce of  Thailand, the Material Thai to Japan project is set to assist Thai entrepreneurs in embarking on international markets as well as to exploit the fast-growing material business. By applying craft skills and indigenous locally sourced materials, Thai designers aim to draw upon artisan skills forms and materials to make functional and stylish lifestyle products. Transforming Local Treasures into Modern CraftsThailand has long been known for its artistry and craftsmanship. The country is also blessed with a myriad of materials that can only be sourced and produced locally - from natural materials such as banana leaf,rattan, bamboo, water hyacinth, yan lipao and wood. Other diverse materials can also be fashioned into handloomed textile, indigo-dyed fabrics, to hilltribe embroidered ethnic textile, among many others. To cherish such treasures, the DITP has called for Thai enterprises involved in material businesses to join the Material Thai to Japan project in a series of workshops and intensive guidance by Mr. Junya Kitagawara, a Japanese expert on brand building and marketing of lifestyle products.  Approximately 20 Thai companies whom were selected and mentored for about 2 months will showcase their newly designed material from the project at LifeX Design in Tokyo International Gift Show and the coming STYLE Bangkok.

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