Rak Banrao Songkhla Ltd., PartAnanas

Rak Banrao Songkhla Ltd., PartAnanas

Bag - Eco-friendly - Fabric - Fabrics / Textile - Fashion Accessories - Handbag - Handmade - Local Fabric - Local Textile - Material - Natural - Pineapple Fiber - Pineapple Leaves - Pineapple Leaves To Fashion World - Pineapple Thread - Sustainable - Upcycle - Woven

Pineapple thread, by-products of hand-made woven natural made from 100% pineapple leaf fiber is the main raw material of local fabric called pa-khao-ma-koh-yor. The unique tiny square patterns bring about more variety of products development. Pineapple waste become valuable raw material in textile process and simultaneously decrease waste elimination.

Rak Banrao Songkhla Ltd., Part
37/5 Moo 8, Bang Riang, Khuan Niang, Songkhla 90220 Thailand

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Abiding by the National Strategy (2018-2037), it focuses on growth of life quality while conserving natural resources and environment, changing people behaviors to be more eco-friendly for long term sustainability. According to the international trade promotion strategy of Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), Ministry of Commerce, Thailand, it promotes the development of entrepreneurs and value creation in export industry emphasizing on innovation and value creation. Office of Innovation and Value Creation, sets forth to develop and promote eco-friendly products for Japanese market 2563 (N.E.W.S.-ECO 2020), and International market which is relevant to National Strategy objective promoting Innovation and eco-friendly products. This project will be organized and managed together with Thai Trade Center, Osaka and Office of Thai Trade Representative, Hiroshima. This project focuses on Thai entrepreneurs, SMEs, from both metropolitan and provincial areas under the name of N.E.W.S.-ECO or North. East. West. South. of Thailand-ECO Project. The purpose is to develop and promote products for Japanese market especially 1) Lifestyle products and 2) Fashion and Textile products. Japanese experts will advise emphasizing on developing design, selecting proper raw materials, improving production process or etc. under the concept of ecological awareness to match the demand of consumers in Japanese market. Two Japanese experts, as consultants for this project are 1) Mr. Atsushi Koike-Lifestyle Product Expert, and 2) Mrs. Naoko Furusawa - Fashion Product Expert, will provide the guidance and recommendations to Thai entrepreneurs selected into the project. The guidance consists of two consultation sessions via offline and/or online channels as guidelines to create a prototype model. This prototype model will lead to be future commercial product development launching into Japanese and International markets to create awareness and acceptance of well-designed, high quality, eco-friendly Thai product in the future.

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