Bright Cross Two Co., Ltd.Wenique

Bright Cross Two Co., Ltd.Wenique

Eco-friendly - Fashion Accessories - Handbags - Home Accessories - Material - Office Accessories - Stationary - Upcycle - Vegan Leather

To reduce the amount of trash and pollution with unique designs and thoughtful production process, Wenique avoids the common recycling method of plastic pallets processing - which heavily consumes time and energy. Instead, Wenique upcycles single-use plastic bags by molding them together with natural raw materials such as hemp and rubber. Explore the extensive collection of "Vegan Leather" products which range from stylish handbags to eco-friendly home and office accessories.

Bright Cross Two Co., Ltd.
55/9 Train Night Market Ratchada Warehouse 1 Room 22, Ratchadapisek Road, Din Daeng, Bangkok 10400 Thailand

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Beyond Plastic

Beyond Plastic is an eco-development project that provides entrepreneurs who make products out of plastic — whether gifts, home and office items, kitchenware or items for daily necessities — with environmentally friendly options so that they can produce well-designed eco-products. Today, consumers increasingly care about the environment, and they know that plastic is a non-biodegradable source of pollution. While foreign markets are demanding more environmentally friendly products, some SMEs have yet to adjust their products to meet growing market demands. For this reason, the Office of Lifestyle Trade Promotion launched this plastic product development project in 2020. The office invited 10 entrepreneurs who create lifestyle products made of plastic to join the project. Environmental agencies educated them about using Eco Plastic raw materials, which comprise both recycled and bio plastics, and design experts advised them on how to use Eco Plastics effectively to improve their products. The entrepreneurs’ results have inspired both their advisors and other entrepreneurs. And they also showed that switching from traditional plastic to Eco Plastic barely alters the production process and doesn’t increase costs as much as one might expect.

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