Pinmisa Co., Ltd.Pinmisa

Pinmisa Co., Ltd.Pinmisa

Bodycare - Booster Serum - Clear Skin - Cream - Facial Treatment - Hair Tonic - Hair Treatment - Lotion - Nourish Skin - Reduce Hair Loss - Reduce Wrinkles - Regernation - Shampoo and Conditioner - Skincare - Smooth Skin - Spa Product - Youthful

Ocean Hyaluron Booster Serum: Reduce wrinkles, smooth skin
Deeply Regeneration Cream: Reduce wrinkles, nourish skin cells
Booster Serum: Reduce wrinkles, smooth skin
Reduce Brighter Lotion: Reduce wrinkles, clear skin
Herbal Hair Shampoo and Conditioner: Reduce hair loss, stimulate hair regeneration Reduce the oiliness of the scalp
Herbal Hair Tonic: Reduce hair loss, stimulate hair regeneration Reduce the oiliness of the scalp

Pinmisa Co., Ltd.
899/7 Banchow Rd. T.Mahachai A.Mueang Smutsakorn 74000 Thailand

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The Department of International Trade Promotion created Porlaewdee The Creator Program to strengthen Thai entrepreneurs’ abilities to overcome crises that affect business operations. It adopts the Sufficiency Economy philosophy of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the late King Rama IX, as a guideline for Thai entrepreneurs to represent Thai brands to the world with dignity and grace. Without ignoring the value of Thai identity, it encourages businesses to operate with conscientiousness, charm, and balance without aiming solely for profit, but instead conducting business in a manner according to the competence, concept, and philosophy of His Majesty’s idea of Sufficiency Economy. The Sufficiency Economy approach consists of three principles: self-knowledge, which is comparable to performing a SWOT analysis, rationality (also known as Strategic Management), and immunity, which is similar to Risk Management, taking into account two related conditions: knowledge and morality. In 2020, 15 Thai-branded exporters were selected to join the project in three product groups: food/agriculture, health/beauty, and handicrafts/lifestyle products. The Sufficiency Economy was incorporated in business operations, branding, and in consideration of overall society to help entrepreneurs become international Thai brand operators capable of finding balance between healthy business operations and social responsibility.

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