labrador factoryLabrador

labrador factoryLabrador

Aesthetic - Award-winning - Carry-all Bags - Craft - Creative - Design Product - Durable - Eco-friendly - Fashion Accessories - Gadget Bags - Green Awareness - Leather - Modern - Recyclable - Recycled Leather - Simplicity - Stationery Items - Sustainable - Wallets

Labrador aims to use high-quality materials to reduce waste. With a belief in high quality raw materials that can be easily recycled, all of Labrador's products are strictly created to be eco-friendly, producing less waste in the production processes and as finished products. Labrador requires that their raw materials are good, high-quality items that are eco-friendly and recyclable; therefore, all of Labrador’s products are made from premium quality leather and materials. Such materials accentuate the durability and lifelong attractiveness of Labrador’s products, while helping the company reduce waste. For more than a decade, Labrador has never stopped sourcing new eco-friendly materials to be used in the brand’s products, including carry-all bags, gadget bags, wallets and stationery items. It can be said that each piece is designed under strict eco-friendly ethics. Meanwhile, the company has launched “Relabrador”, which transforms recycled leathers into a fine handmade leather product collection. The company also aims to create products using environmentally friendly innovation processes that consume the least amount of energy possible. Creativity, simplicity and Green awareness are the key concepts of Labrador. These concepts also reflect Thai characteristics that are full of a sense of humor, modesty and aesthetic delicacy. Under those philosophies, Labrador, as a modern craft leather atelier, expects to help raise awareness about waste amongst consumers as well as elevating the quality of Thai products. The brand aims to be accepted from both domestic and international markets as a sustainable, creative Thai leading business and product brand.

labrador factory
3/1 Nonthaburi 39 Sanambinnam Rd., Thasai, Muang, Nonthaburi 11000 Thailand

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T-Style Thai Spirit

As part of T-Style or Thailand Style, ‘T-Style: Thai Spirit’ showcases the agility of Thai manufacturers and designers, something that the world is looking for at the moment. We have high quality manufacturers and creative designers, and with these people we can create and develop products that match the changing needs of consumers in these uncertain times. We also have a group of designers who can transfer the Thai spirit to authentic products with unique characters. The concept of ‘Thai Spirit’ combines high quality manufacturing, design flexibility and human touch together. With these unique value propositions, products that are designed and manufactured in Thailand will have a future in global markets. ‘T-Style: Thai Spirit’ has curated a collection of Thailand’s leading manufacturers and designers that have a potential to grow further in the global market. The collection can be divided into two groups, which are ‘T-Style Brands’ which are leading lifestyle product manufacturers, and ‘T-Stylers’ which present internationally-recognized Thai designers. The collection is empowered by a list of winners of the Design Excellence Award (DEmark), one of Asia’s most prestigious design awards known as ‘the Oscars of the Thai design industry’’. The two collections share one common goal, which is to promote Thai design in the global market through publications in Thai and international media and exhibitions in world-class showcases.” The Department of International Trade Promotion hopes that the launch in a global platform like MOM will make the world see Thai designers and brands in a new light. When the Thai Spirit, technical skills and creativity of Thai designers are matched with high quality, world- class manufacturing standards and digital savvy, the results are extraordinary Thai creations that can be in the same league as the world’s design leaders. More information:

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