Hugkram Indigo HandmoodHugkram Indigo Handmood

Hugkram Indigo HandmoodHugkram Indigo Handmood

Bag - Cloth - Clothing - Dress - Eco Fabric - Eco-friendly - Fabric - Fashion Accessories - Formalwear - Handbag - Jacket - Menswear - Natural Cotton - Thai Traditional Hand Dyed - Upcycle - Womenwears

Circular Economy, turning garbage into new primary raw material. Material: Natural dyed cotton fabric, separating and rearranging fabric scraps from weaving and sewing process by colours, and using them as weft yarns, to create a unique fabric with distinct texture. With no dyeing process, it helps reduce the use of water and energy with lower environmental impact.


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Hugkram Indigo Handmood
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Circular Economy

Project to Develop Thai Textile Products for the Global Market Under the Concept of Circular Economy The Department of International Trade Promotion has adapted the Thai government's economic model for sustainable development, or BCG Economy (Bio-Circular-Green Economy), to combine with biodiversity and culture, which are both strengths and distinct identities of Thailand, to initiate a project to develop Thai fabric products for the world market under the concept of circular economy. The aim is to promote and support the distribution of income, reducing inequality, strengthening the sense of community, and giving importance to the environment and sustainable development. According to this economic concept, the circular resource management in the system (Re-material) converts used items back to raw materials for making new products (Make-Use-Return) and reduces the need for depleting the world's precious resources. It plays an important role in driving fashion production and consumption trends towards sustaining a beautiful world. Textile fashion products apparel and lifestyle fashion that appear in this collection come from Thai entrepreneurs who have participated full force in the concepts underlying this development activities—including raw materials, production processes and design—until resulting in this latest collection of outstanding products that meet the requirements of a wide range of applications, with every brand displaying innovation and uniqueness. Ready to meet the modern lifestyle of living in an environmentally friendly way, every production is able to contribute to a world of sustainable fashion and reduce wasteful use of resources. This collection is perfect for those who are seeking products made from Sustainable Materials, Sustainable Processes, Waste Production, Local Production, Crafts and Community.

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