Traditional Bamboo Handicraft CenterBorriboon

Traditional Bamboo Handicraft CenterBorriboon

Accessories - Artistic - Bag - Bamboo Weaving - Bamboo Wickerwork - Clutch - Decoration - Decorative Item - Fashion Accessories - Gift - Handicraft - Handwoven Bamboo - Housewear - Local Support - Local Uniqueness - Natural Beauty - Premiums - Renewable Natural Material - Sustainable - Thai Artisan - Thai Basketry - Touch Of Nature - Vase - Wickerwork

Borriboon’s philosophy stands on renewable natural material with design and continuity of evolving lifestyles. The bamboo wickerwork are products of Phanat Nikhom renowned for its natural beauty and local uniqueness. Borriboon was founded in 2015 to preserve, support and broaden market based for Traditional Bamboo Handicraft Center (TBHC), motivated by the Royal SUPPORT Foundation of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit. At present, Borriboon has become a renowned bamboo handicraft producer with supreme techniques and suitable for exports. Now, Borriboon takes Thai basketry over price-distorted structures, becoming a strong model that sustainably supports Thai artisans and the Thai basketry industry.

Traditional Bamboo Handicraft Center
26 Intha-Asa, Phanat, Nikhom District, Chonburi 20140

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